Wenner-Davis & Associates Sells Classic and Antique Car Insurance Policies

Are you interested in classic or antique cars? We are! I can recall each of the cars I have owned over the years, and wouldn't mind having most (not all, though) of them back. Owning, showing and driving classic cars and trucks just gets in your blood.

If you are not aware of it, your antique, classic, exotic and specialty autos & trucks require (and deserve) some tweaks to be insured properly. From things like agreed value coverage, to a policy that lets you choose your repair shop (might you want repairs to your classic auto done by someone who has experience repairing them?) to lower insurance costs, classic auto insurance policies beat regular auto policies hands down.

Here at Wenner-Davis we love insuring classic autos; it's a specialty of ours. From single vehicles to large collections, we have multiple companies and multiple policies for you. We'd love to help insure your classic properly, just give us a call.

Have a classic ride that you are proud of? Wenner-Davis Rides is a Facebook page that we run just for you. We post photos of rides and shows, upcoming show information, and other old car stuff. Want to see your ride showcased on Wenner-Davis Rides? Just email me [email protected] or Darcey [email protected] a photo or two, and some fun facts about your car and we will see what we can do!