Have a claim to file?

Each company we represent has different options for filing claims.  Some offer online reporting, some have 24/7 reporting numbers.  If you do not see your company on the list, they are simply still using the old-fashioned way and prefer that you report claims directly to us.  The old fashioned way works for us, too.  We are glad to file the claim for you and answer any questions we can at the same time.

CompanyClaim TypePhoneWebsiteInstructions
Austin MutualEmergency800-328-4628WebsiteWebsite for information ONLY.
 Auto Glass800-368-3648  
Contractors Bonding & Insurance (CBIC)All800-765-2242WebsiteWebsite for information ONLY.
ForemostTowing Loss800-554-6678Website 
 All Other800-527-3907  
GeoVeraAll800-859-8734WebsiteWebsite for information ONLY.
Grange / RockyAll800-546-8850WebsiteWebsite for information ONLY.
Mutual of EnumclawAll Mon-Fri 7am-5pm877-425-2580WebsiteWebsite for Auto and Property Claims Only
 Evenings & Weekends800-621-5410  
 Auto Glass800-642-4800  
ProgressiveAll800-PROGRESSIVEWebsiteReport and check-up on a claim.
VikingAll800-334-0090WebsiteWebsite for information ONLY.
UnigardAuto Glass800-452-7567WebsiteWebsite for information ONLY.
 All Other800-777-0078  
 Roadside Assistance800-201-7894